I’m not sure which I’m dreading more — the pain of labor and delivery, or the pain of labor and delivery in one of those hospital gowns that would clearly be too big for a 450lb linebacker.
So maybe it’s not that bad, but the thought of wearing that sterile, practically see-through gown for the camera is enough to bring back first trimester morning sickness.
Thanks to Rachel Zinny of dearjohnnies, however, I am saved!Having also dreaded the prospect of spending days in those awful hospital gowns, Rachel decided to make one of her own – complete witha heartier, thicker cotton and gorgeous ribbon edging.And while they are still totally hospital compliant (read: open in the back), they haven’t been worn by (or bled on) by anyone else. They come in four subtle, camera-ready patterns and make the perfect shower gift–particularly for that mom to be who has her make-up kit and her flat iron packed in her overnight hospital bag. With all those pictures, can you blame her? -Kristen


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