It’s February which means at long last, I can start counting the minutes until I have my family intact on Sundays again. Of course it’s only a matter of weeks until I trade my football widow status for my golf widow status. And sadly, that’s not limited to one day a week.If you’ve got a psycho golfer in the family (is there any other kind?) you’re going to flip for the baby golf shoes available at tastemaker Terra Malcolm Carmichael’s fantastic online baby boutique, Flying Peas. Made of 100% natural Nappa leather by a South African company, the styling is just like daddy’s – unless, presumably, you get the girls style in pink and white.
Of course it could very well be mommy who wears the golf shoes in the family. Just not this mommy. I’ve got other things to do with my weekends. Like, say, online shopping. –Liz
[thanks, amy!]


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