I think I’ve officially exhaustedthe pawning off of my daughter’s artwork to her grandmothers as gifts. Her cute drawing on plain white paper is a hard sell as a birthday gift, when you gave the same thing a few months back at Christmas.
But now I’m taking the bestowal of her Crayola masterpieces to a whole new level with Totally Out of Hand — a child artwork jewelry service that takes your child’s art and turns it into sterling silver pins.
Lee Skalkos, a self-taught silversmith who has been featured on television shows galore, will take a simple paper drawing and turn it into a stunning piece of jewelry that really does pay homage to your child’s squiggles and scribbles – see the before and after pics for yourself.If silver isn’t Grandma’s precious metal of choice, Lee can also create your piece ingold.Now if that doesn’t score you an offer of drop-everything babysitting for life, then I just don’t know what will. -Kristen
[via She Finds Mom]
Get $10 off your order plus free shipping when you enter the code "CoolPins" under the notes section on the order form page through 4/1.


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