I’m a minimalist when it comes to dressing babies: No jewelry, no fancy hats, and no booties. My girls didn’t wear shoes until they could walk, and I still grin at the professional portraits we have of them with bare toes peeking out from underneath their dresses.
But I might have relaxed my ban on crib shoes if I’d known about The Clever Kitty’s felted Mary Janes. Hand-knit by a Maine designer from vibrant merino wool then hand-felted into a formed but flexible shoe, they’re the perfect accessory for those photo ops. And considering how reasonably they’re priced–just $24–these beauties aren’t really an indulgence at all. More like a necessity.
(While you’re on the site, don’t miss her felted "high tops" either. The green ones? Irresistible.)
No wonder that shoe fetish starts so early in some girls. –Julie
Free shipping when you mention CMP through the end of February!
WIN IT! Your own pair of felted baby shoes in your choice of color and size. Just email liz@coolmompicks.com by midnight tonight with MARY JANES in the header and the answer to the question: How does Clever Kitty artist/owner Shannon pay the bills when she’s not making fantastic baby booties?

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