I’m pretty low-maintenance in the "carrying baby gear around" category. Okay, I’m pathetic. We rarely remember to bring bibs when we go out to dinner, let alone a portable high chair But as I’ve learned, it does make feeding her a little tricky in a hotel room or at the home of a friend with no young kids.
Yes, it’s true–not all people have spare highchairs lying around the house, shocking though it may seem.But when I came across the parent-created Little Beetle Baby Chair, I thought aha! Now there’s something i could manage to stuff into the old diaper bag. Just unfold the thing, fasten it to any old chair, and voila. Instant toddler restraint. Certainly beats trying to make witty banter with your hosts while the kid squirms around on your lap.
Sure there’s no tray, but I feel that’s a small price to pay for the convenience. And so is the price itself – just over $40 US. –Liz[via apartment therapy nursery]


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