Anyone can print out a baby registry and dutifully purchase an infant bathtub and bouncy seat. But we’d rather find something that breaks up all the cliched "oohs and ahs" with a hearty guffaw at our friends’ showers. Take these hilarious Mysterio Predicts the Future infant tees at Catching Fireflies — will baby be a Romance Novelist? or a Criminal Mastermind? You won’t know until you open up the bag. Yes, you’ll be taking a walk on the wild side when you order this gift because, like a box of chocolates, you never know whatyou’re going to get inside.
This is the perfect gift for that special friend with the excellent sense of humor. Or maybe it’s not really that funny after all. There are certainly worse things than having someone with endless access to donuts in the family. -Kristen
Win your own Mysterio tee! Just send an email to by Midnight EST tonight with the correct answer to the following question: Where did the name Catching Fireflies come from? Good Luck!

Tags: baby clothes

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