With baby #1 I was all about the receiving blanket when I nursed al fresco. This time around, I’m doing it in higher style.
The nursing cover-ups from My Turtle Baby may in fact be the best-looking ones I’ve ever seen. Each reversible top is just beautifully crafted out of really, really nice cotton fabrics–designer/mom Jill has some eye on her. On top of that, they’re thoughtfully designed with a simple scrunchy shoulder strap and a little velcro peekaboo window to help get that latch going without flashing the world.
I also love that My Turtle Baby’s cover-ups have a tapered shape that provide ample coverage without making you feel like you’re wearing a Mama Cass hand-me-down apron.

Although there is something vaguely ironic about an item designed for discretion that will only make dozens of strangers walk up to you and say WHERE did you get that?!Liz


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