I’m not into the matchy-matchy look with clothes for my girls. They seem to like eclectic, creative fashion as well: The wildly patterned tights, the bright shirts, the multicolored shoes. I figure as long as we’re not blinding anyone, we’re good to go.
But I’ve come across some adorable coordinated clothing for babies and toddlers up to 6T that might make me change my ways. I have fallen hard for the handmade Apples and Pears Outfit from Sweet Baby Tot Designs. The two-tiered skirt features pink gingham on top and a flounce with a red and pink fruit pattern below. The coordinating shirt includes hand-stitched fruits (apples and pears, natch) and a collar that ties it all together.
And here’s the best part: unlike so many other original designs you won’t pay a pretty penny for this getup. At $24, you can pick up an outfit for your daughter’s summer soirees and still have enough left for a great pair of shoes.
OK, I admit it — I’ve met my match. And I’m liking it. –Nancy
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