I’m a huge fan of choosing wood over plastic when it comes to kids’ toys. My only gripe is that they often seem to be just for show, and not made to stand up to the drooly mouths and rough grips of actual children.
This is not the case, however, with the fantastic handcarved toys by Wyit Wright of Stump Pond Toys. A retired Merchant Marine turned woodsmith, Wyit lovingly creates a variety of classic toys, puzzles, and games out of the finest of woods. (The wooden tractor is shown here.) No soft pine, no harsh stains, and noooooo plastic. Just good old-fashioned toys that can withstand the test of time. Or in my case, a very destructive toddler.
It’s so refreshing to see beautiful toys that are truly made to last. Even better, if anything does happen to break with normal usage, Wyit will replace or fix it for free. Now that’s a guarantee I wish I came across way more often. -Kristen


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