While I’m grateful for all the lightweight summer blankets I’ve received for my new baby, I still wanted something warm and cuddly for those overly frigid stores, restaurants, and my grandmother’s condo in Florida, a.k.a. The Air Conditioning Capital of the World.
I found what I was looking for (and then some) with the personalized baby blankets from Admiral Road, a company run by friends and moms Amy and Danielle. The designs are soft and fleecy (without pilling, hooray!) and absolutely luscious. But the bold personalization is what sealed the deal–how refreshing not to be asked what shade of pink wedding script I’d like for my daughter’s name.
Need one more reason not to wait until winter to snag one of these blankets for your littlest one? A portion of the profits from the monkey, zebra and giraffe designs go to the African Wildlife Foundation. Get two. –Liz


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