I’m not a cooking enthusiastic, but I do want to encourage my daughter to learn life skills. In other words, I hope she can expand her food prep repertoire beyond instant mac-and-cheese before she heads off to college. Unlike, ahem, her mother.
The Handstand Kids Italian Cookbook might be just the thing to get her off and sauteeing.
Author Yvette Garfield searched in vain for a kid-friendly cookbook during an international trip, before finally deciding to create this one. It comes packaged in a pizza box with a kid-sized chef’s hat which is a cool little bonus. But what’s really unique about it is the focus on language; the recipes incorporate English and Italian terms throughout, and includes a pictorial glossary in front so you won’t confuse your teglia with your tagliere.
I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of the actual "Handstand Kids"–cutesie cartoon characters that walk budding chefs through the recipes–but my daughter seemed to buy into the concept of cooking with friends so I can live with it. My daughter and I have already planned our first Italian Cookbook meal together, including the Leaning Tower of Eggplant, with homemade biscotti for dessert. As a side dish? Maccheroni e Formaggio. Of course. –Nancy