If those mall makeover shops for grade-school girls are any indication, a young girl’s fantasy career is now limited to slutty rock star, slutty model, or slightly less slutty princess. So I’m very happy–even relieved–to have been introduced to Nick Katsouris’ Growing Up with Loukoumi which just may help remind my daughters of a few other options for the future.
The title character is a sheep who dreams of being a farmer, a judge, a firefighter, a cop, and even a Grammy-winning singer, albeit one dressed a little like Edith Bunker. And the main message about believing in yourself and allowing yourself to have aspirations is a good one for all kids, not just the female ones.
As a bonus, the book comes with a narrated CD whose cast reads like a who’s who in Greek entertainment–Olympia Dukakis, soap star Frank Ducopoulos and American Idol’s Constantine as Farmer Gus. (I know!) Also, oddly, Gloria Gaynor.
Plus your kids get a great lesson from book before you even crack the cover: $2 from every sale goes to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. –Liz
Congrats to Sarah W who won the plush Loukomi doll along with the book.


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