We’ve done our best here at Cool Mom Picks to highlight fantastic alternatives to typical baby hair clips. But what we’ve discovered is that when your kid actually gets enough hair for real accessories, it’s as though the designers just take all the creepy infant hair bows and just make them bigger.
Wow. So "bloody brilliant" is actually what I said when I discovered the charming felt barrettes from Ruby and Myrtle. Handmade in bold colors with 100% wool felt from Holland, they’ll hold your daughter’s hair back stylishly, without you losing her in huge swaths of taffetta and lace. There are all kinds of flowers–plus a butterfly–and the shop takes custom orders on the chance you’ve got a daughter who insists on a purple Clematis with a lime green center.
If she’s got a bit more hair, check out the beautiful daisy pony tail holder. It bums me out that my pixie-haired three-year old is still a ways away from getting to use it. -Kristen


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