I’m proud to say I speak Spanish. I’m not fluent or anything, but I can handle basic conversations. OK, OK, I’ll admit it: All the Spanish I know I learned from episodes of Sesame Street. But I can count to veinte quite convincingly and order a Corona.
My kids will soon surpass my mad Spanish skills since they’ve just been introduced to the Kids Love Spanish videos. I’ll admit the opening song-and-dance number was not my cup of tea, but once the focus on Spanish words kicked in, I could see the appeal. (Fast forward can be your friend.) My girls were enthralled with the DVD’s colorful scenery and footage of children repeating basic Spanish terms. And the educational approach of this box set–or buy them individually–definitely works. By the time the credits were rolling, my girls were pronouncing comida, leche, and tequila with ease.
No, not tequila. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. –Nancy
[photo: scott london]


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