When I met the delightful MD Moms behind the innovative MD Moms Baby Silk line of baby products, I instantly wanted to take them home with me so they could dispense calming pediatric advice even at wee hours of the morning.
Okay, and give me free baby products too.
Especially since said products are all made with the stuff nervous new moms like (Yay olive oil!) and none of the stuff you don’t. (Boo petroleum!)
The packs of individual Umbilical Cord Care Swabs were much appreciated in those early sleep-deprived days and having a pack of Babysafe Sunscreen Towlettes in the diaper bag at all times is a godsend. I am also really digging the diaper rash cream which is so lightweight and works so beautifully, you’ll want to use your old stuff to regrout your tub.
But my very favorite product of all? The Delicate Skin Comfort which is basically a liquid that dries like a powder, eliminating both diaper rash and those airborn talc particle concerns. If I may confess, I got more use out of it than my baby has so far – during my pregnancy, I smoothed it under the enormoboobs every morning to keep the maternity bra from its determined chafing of my skin. Too much information? –Liz
CMP readers: Enter code MDCOOL at checkout for free shipping/handling through 9/30!
Congrats to all six CMP readers who won travel kits: Jennifer B, Yvette L, Susie Z, Evelyn M, Nicole P, and Aimee C.

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