I have learned in a relatively short time that kids love anything with their names on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s spelled out in English, Greek, or hieroglyphics–in which case you could kind of fake it, come to think of it. There’s no better gift. Now there’s one more option: Braille. The tees from Bitty Braille, created by designer/mom of three, Julie Dutt are just plain cool. Sparkly (or unsparkly if you choose) little studs over hand embroidery spell out your child’s name. Or if you’d prefer, words like smile, sweet, and dude.
I think kids would jump at the chance to see how their name "feels." Plus a portion of every sale goes right to the American Foundation for the Blind, making the tees perhaps the best use of bling we’ve seen yet. –Liz
[via indie fixx]

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