I’m of the mind that you can never be without a blanket when you’ve got kids. I’d sooner leave the house without a spare diaper than without a spare blanket. I’m not exaggerating.
So here’s an idea: If you can’t fit the big, cushy minkie blanket you love inside your bag, make it the bag itself. That would be the Chic & Cozy Blanket/Bag combo from moms Michelle Good and Jennifer Chow of Chic Tots.
Honestly, it’s not a bag than can replace your bag. But if you’re the type who just wants to gather a few toys, a book and your cell phone and head out to the park to catch the last rays of the season with the kiddo, this is like wrapping all that stuff up in the blanket itself. (Except for the kid. Him you should carry.) There’s even a little pocket inside for ice cream money. It may not be the kind of thing that you’d buy for yourself, but if a generous friend happened to get it for you, you’d be pretty psyched.While you’re at Chic Tots, don’t miss the stylish little waterproof wristlets for changing emergencies. Hey wait – if I attach one of those to the bag, then I’ll have both diapers and a blanket. What a concept. –Liz
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Congrats to CMP reader Sara J, winner of her own Chic+Cozy


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