There are a few benefits to being a so-called younger mom, and one of them is that you can get away with the way fun maternity fashions from record store owner-turned-mom/designer, LeahBrumley, of Rock Star Moms.
If you’re not yet at the "turn down that noise, you kids!" phase of life, you’ll dig
materni-tees featuring bands from Bowie to Marley to Run DMC to Nirvana; come on – how hiiarious is it to sport that In Utero logo over your bulging belly?
(And no eyerolling from the grunge purists please. Go whine to your flannel.)
Most of the tops have true Sunset Boulevard styling like drawstrings, silver rings at the shoulders, and corset-style lacing up the back to go with the knee-high boots that you’re probably rocking into the 8th month. If your former groupie days are a little further in the past, Rock Star Moms has you covered with subtler designs like the military star tube a trendy apron top and cotton jersey tunics, which are all a bit more my own style. After all, I remember listening to these bands the first time around. Before they were called "oldies." –Liz
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Congrats to new Marley maternity raglan owner, Erinn P

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