As a former vegan sans kids, finding fabric bags was a pain in the butt but not impossible. But afterhaving babies, I can’t be the only mom who’s eyed the easy-clean leather bag with envy.
Well meat-eaters and herbivores can come together over the faux leather diaper bags (if you want to call them diaper bags) from the new Little Lychee collection of mama goods, courtesy of handbag label, Lychee Line. These autumn must-haves are stylish, with gorgeous saturated colors like raspberry (shown here) or lime on the outside and funky complimentary fabric on the inside–not quite your typical monochromatic vinyl offerings.
I’m particularly loving the stretchy exterior pocket, and the removable bag divider that takes the bag from a diaper carry all to a sleek dinner-and-a-movie bag in a matter of seconds.
Whether dinner includes bacon or not. -Kristen
[thanks abby!]
CMP readers save 20% through Nov 15! Just email with your order and they’ll hook you right up.

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