Maybe because I’ve got an ex-boarder in the family, but I’m a sucker for skateboarding clothes on kids far more than other sports-inspired clothing. (Although props to bowling shirts – love you guys. Mwa.) I’m always on the lookout for suave options for future skate zombie and now we’ve uncovered one more.

"Darn good kids clothes" is the slogan of Georgie World, and I gotta say–I agree. Inspired by the laid back skater/surfer style of L.A.’s South Bay skate scene, the clothes are extremely wearable. You’ll find a great selection at The Polkadot Platypus including a great black carpenter jacket, slouchy cuffed pants, and fabulous plaid trousers that will keep your little guy standing out among a sea of kids in nylon football jerseys.

Unless you actually live in the South Bay. Then I’d say if you want to stand out, get the jerseys. –Liz 

Save 10% off everything at the Polkadot Platypus with code "coolmom" 


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