I’ve said before on these pages that I am lacking the crafty gene. And so thank goodness there are people out there who are making beautiful things for my children to wear–like mom and designer Kami Friday, who creates some of the coolest clips for kids at her shop, Maya Papaya.

The fabrics are excellent and the handstitching is something you’d see in Barney’s children’s department for like 85 million dollars a clip. But they’re not. They’re $6.50 for designs like kid-friendly green apples, button flowers, and a beyond cute owl. My daughter so loved the one sent to us that she makes me wear it so that she can look at it.

Kami also has a custom option (big score for all you matchy moms!) and can work with your fabrics to create you she’ll hook you up with a beautifully made, entirely handstitched heart or flower.

By the way, if you see a grown woman walking down the streets of Brooklyn with a felt owl on her head, say hi. That’d be me. –Liz

Congrats to clip assortment winner Jennifer O 


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