With a non-stop flow of kid’s music producers using all kinds of schtick to sell their (sometimes not-so-great) albums, it’s hard to track down simple music that you and your kids will want to sing along to.

Apparently musical parents Rob and Lisi Wolf felt the same way. Already known for their successful Jewish music CD/DVD Oy Baby, they’ve collaborated on a new effort, That Baby CD: Acoustic rock Classics For Kids and the Grownups Who Love Them. The album (a soundtrack to their newly released That Baby DVD) features beautifully sung acoustic covers from Bob Marley to Fleetwood Mac to 10,000 Maniacs, and I was impressed with their creative arrangements and strong harmonies featuring lead singer Stephanie Schneiderman whose resume includes opening gigs for Chris Isaak and the Lilith Fair.

Hearing my 3-year-old singing along to Neil Diamond and Paul Simon–that sold me instantly. I suppose there’s no better schtick than just good music. -Kristen 

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Congrats to winner Maureen O!

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