My younger daughter and I are commuting together these days. But my morning radio show of choice? Not so good for the under 5 set.

Lately I’ve been mixing it up with some music and learning all in one with Professor Pocket: Our Silly Farm Adventure. This much lauded, award-winning CD was created by two sisters-in-law, and mixes English and Spanish dialogue through both spoken word and singing. The premise seemed odd at first (the characters are a talking chicken and, strangely, a dinosaur visiting a farm) but the seamless integration of languages works. The catchy songs about flying horses, tractor-driving pigs, and chocolate milk-producing cows were particularly a hit with my girls. In fact, after listening to the CD a couple of times, they were already singing Spanish phrases like it was second nature.

And Professor Pocket? A woman. Cool. –Nancy

Enter code "thankyou" on the products page for $2 off your order plus free shipping. Vamanos!


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