Ever since our Safer Toy Guide went live, I’m growing more and more into the idea of getting all the mass produced plastic stuff out of my baby’s hands and mouth. (Hear that, grandparents?) Wood and knit rattles were good enough for babies for decades and hopefully they’re good enough for my girl.

Our latest find along those lines are the absolutely adorable, vintage looking Lil’ Sock Dollie Rattles like the one seen here from etsy shop Chickabiddy Boutique. Just $14 gets you a one-of-a-kind, locally handknit little rattle with bells safely knit right into the downy stuffing.

Even cooler, artist/mom Rene will personalize it for you with your child’s name right on it. I can’t think of a sweeter photo than a little girl clutching one of these in her crib. And knowing new parents, you’ll take about sixty million of them. –Liz

Mention Cool Mom Picks and get 10% off your order (rebated) 


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