Even though snow isn’t exactly headed to my side of Atlanta any time soon, that doesn’t mean my kids don’t need mittens. Chilly little fingers need protection with or without the white stuff.

I’m envisioning my son in a pair of these mittens* by Liz Jones Handmade. Made from repurposed felted wool sweaters and lined with fleece (no itchies here!), these mittens are warm enough to make it through an an entire NYC winter on the artist’s 6 year-old product tester.

If sweet little owls aren’t your thing, check out the crossbones. Either way, they’re one or two of a kind, so snatch them fast. And hopefully before your kid’s hands freeze. -Kristen

[via The Long Thread

*Looks like they’re all sold out! She’ll be restocking after the holidays, or grab some cute "traffic light" ones now! 


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