Calculating the formula for the seasonally correct baby blanket is almost as complicated as the quadratic equation. Do you get a winter baby a heavy blanket that can only be used for a few months, or do you give her something that she can use later, even though the new mom might stash it away somewhere and then totally forget about it?

My brain hurts.

But thanks to Ellabalou blankets, the new offering of moms Kerri-Lynne Menard and Laura Sternbenz, we’ve got a solution. The lovely colors alone are enough to make me love them, but even better, they’re silky and cool on one side and fuzzy and warm on the other making them perfect year-round blankets. Plus they’re made right here in the USA and come in a handy reusable and recyclable container that can stash crayons or alphabet magnets all while helping the planet.

I wonder if the designers’ brains hurt coming up with it. -Kristen

Congrats to lucky winner Angie G!