Thanks to the toy recalls, I am much more concerned about where and how the toys I’m purchasing for my kids are made. But it’s not always as easy to get the backstory on your playthings as Fair Trade Sports makes it.

Perhaps it doesn’t seem like having a certified fair trade soccer ball or basketball or rugby ball is such a big deal–but don’t you think a ball should make more of an impact on the child playing with than the child who is forced to hand stitch it for 4 cents an hour?

Order Fair Trade Sports’ fantastic soccer ball stamped with "right to education" in nine different languages, and not only can you be assured that it’s eco-friendly, well made, and an actual adult received decent wages to put it together, but you can feel good that all the after-tax profits (all!) go directly to children’s charities. Plus it helps open up conversation with older children about supporting businesses with values like your own.

Whether or not your kids are the greatest ball handlers just yet, they’ll be starting off as winners before they hit the field. -Kristen