No one tells you when you start buying cute hair clips for your daughter–probably long before she’ll even keep them in her hair for more than two seconds–that you might want to consider some way to put them away properly each night. As in, not a pile on the changing table, and not a green melamine cup on her bookshelf that the baby can get to. Ahem.

Designer Kim Marable of Ribbies Clippies has such an awesome solution in her clever Clippie Holders. Maybe this is like some old skool barette storage trick or something, but basically two parallel ribbons in a frame secure up to 18 clips just where you can see them. It even comes with a set of five clips to get you started.

Lean the holder against a wall or hang it with the matching ribbon hanger, and you always know what your kid’s accessorizing options are. And also, which one the baby has probably eaten. –Liz

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