When you’re looking for figurative art for a nursery, the selection is often limited to happy kids playing with happy animals under a happy sun. But I’m intrigued with taking a more Waldorf approach to the art, in which the kids’ expressions leave room for interpretation – and story telling.

This is just the thing that drew me to the work of Philly-area painter and mom Lisa Hurwitz. I will admit that on first glance I believed her style a bit moody for kids. But the more I stared at individual pieces like her Girl With Bird and Red Shoes, Fairy (sold), or Clown, or I found them in line with some of my favorite children’s book illustrations. The colors are lovely and because the original oils are painted on linen or wood, the texture adds richness.

Archival prints are just $25, or check her website for a chance to own one of her originals. And be glad that there are these kinds of room decor options for Barbie girls living in a Barbie world. –Liz

Wouldn’t you know it, our favorites are all sold! Check back to Lisa’s site as she updates often, her convo her for a specific request.

Congrats to winner Phillipa.


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