The baby may be bor (and yes, he’s wonderful, thank you!) but thanks to breastfeeding, I’m still taking care to reach for nutritious food. Well, most of the time anyway. The rest of the time: Peanut M-n-Ms.

So lately I’ve been motivating myself to stuff my face with a bag of Bellybar Chews instead. You might have heard of these Tootsie Roll-sized bundles of vitamins from NutraBella, the same company that makes the Bellybar nutrition bars that so many pregnant mamas are toting around. And you might even be as skeptical about them as I was. While I can’t tell you that the calcium, folic acid and Omega 3-DHA inside means you don’t have to eat fish or veggies, I can vouch for the taste. The citrus flavored chews are a dead ringer for Starbursts.

Are Bellybar Chews as delicious as peanut M-n-Ms? Hardly. But personally, I’d rather satisfy my sweet tooth in a way that might get back into my pre-baby jeans sooner. –Julie


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