It was over seven years ago, but I will never forget that day: My perfect, happy toddler stuck one chubby finger into the square of peanut butter sandwich I’d just handed him. In less than five minutes he was covered in welts, eyes swelled shut, gasping and wheezing. I was calling for help, completely panicked. Surprise — that’s how we discovered my son had a deadly allergy to peanuts.

There’s no page in the baby book for "Baby’s first anaphylactic reaction," even with food allergies on the rise. If you’re feeling anxious and alone in all this, check out AllergyMoms, a full-featured supportive website for parents who are navigating life with food allergies.

Sign up for the free monthly newsletter, scan the latest allergy news, or add their blog to your regular reads. Whether you’re looking for recipes, the latest legislation, coping tips, or just plain solidarity — AllergyMoms is where you’ll never be alone again. Mir (CMP’s newest reviewer and all around great gal)

[image courtesy jeeto! allergy patch collection] 

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