Once they’re past that delicious newborn phase, kids (and their rooms) do not continue to smell like sunshine and rainbows. After a couple of serious playground sessions, my girls’ rooms take on that not-so-subtle twinge of sweaty sneakers and I’ve been eager to find a remedy that doesn’t reek of eau de artificial vanilla nastiness.

I didn’t immediately assume the Nursery Spray from Sweet Grass Farm’s baby collection would be the answer to my dilemma: We’re way past the nursery stage here, folks. But fortunately for me, first impressions aren’t always, er, on the nose.

The spray has a lovely lavender scent that’s not too cloying or heavy, but still manages to mask those less desirable odors quite nicely. A few spritzes on the beds, the carpets, and in the hamper, and my girls’ rooms smell sweet again. Plus it’s alcohol and chemical free, and made right in the USA.

I’m so impressed, I’m going to try it in the master bedroom too. If it can help in even the smallest way with the lingering emanations from my husband’s socks, I’ll be buying a truckload. –Nancy


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