I always get happy every time another talented graphic designer decides to spawn, because it means the talent gets redirected from gig posters or shampoo packaging to cool duds for kids.

Case in point: The utterly fabulous new design (and parenting) team of Julio and Anissa Dwiggins at Pickle Papaya, who are about to delight hipster parents from coast-to-coast with their imaginative but totally wearable kids tees.

Nothing is exactly what it seems on first glance – bicycle streamers evolve into a flock of birds. A pair of chopsticks dangle a child’s swing like a soba noodle. And a lawnmower cuts a swath through columns of the word "war," turning the trimmings into peace sign bubbles – truly a great design.

It’s everything we’d have our children dream about at night if only we had that kind of power. –Liz

Congrats to tee winners Gayley L, Kimberly E, and Margot P


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