I admit (don’t kill me, urban fashionistas) that I mourned the day the pashmina went out of style. I loved the versatility of this great piece and was glad to tuck one into my bag to keep for unexpected forays into too-cold offices or airplane cabins.

Last week, when I first got my mitts on the Shoul Shoulder Wrap, I knew I had found a wonderful alternative.

The Shoul (pronounced shole. Like, um, a shoul-der.) is a lightweight knit acrylic wrap that’s soft as anything, drapes beautifully, actually stays on your shoulders (really!) without tying, and doesn’t have the bulk of a poncho. In tan or black it’s rockin’ as maternity wear, and afterwards, nursing moms, or those just minimizing the enormoboobs, will definitely keep it as a wardrobe staple.

The price? A very reasonable 39 bucks.

Now if only tying it around your waist to hide your arse was in fashion again. Then I’d really be psyched. –Liz 

Congrats to Shoul winner Julianna C


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