As a wee lass, I was obsessed with a matryoshka doll my parents had brought me back from Eastern Europe. All the time spent banging those little schmata-clad wooden nesting dolls around yielded plenty of chipped paint and battered edges, turning a stunning keepsake into a well-loved but fairly sad looking plaything.

A more durable option can be found in the amazing, totally handcrafted soft matryoshka dolls by artist Denise Mollison. There’s close to a dozen beautiful girls to be found on Quiet Hours Toys, each one made of cotton socks, Japanese kawaii fabric, and hand embroidery. They’re just $25 each, a fantastic price for such beautiful, one-of-a-kind dolls.

Just don’t let the kid try to unscrew their heads. –Liz 

Use code "cooleaster" for 10% off orders at quiet Hours Toys through 3/22/08


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