At Toy Fair last month, I spent wayyyyy too much time with the very enthusiastic music maker John Hayden of Jamtown, investigating his selection of fair trade instruments from around the world.

Okay, so I wasn’t investigating so much as I was playing with them. Sue me.

The selection of artisan-crafted percussive instruments for your little musical prodigy are absolutely authentic and wonderful, like a beautiful Indonesian gecko drum, colorful fire-burned gourd shakers from Chile, vibrant Vietnamese animal shakers (some of which kids can paint themselves), and lovely affordable handmade flutes. But what really sucked in was the Sun Moon Star drum shown here. Pair it with the Jamtown rhythm cards or learning along CD and it’s a color-coded way to get you playing real drum rhythms outside of mommy and me music class.

I mean, your kids. Right, your kids. –Liz

Mention CMP with your order and get a free mini ocarina, a $6.95 value. Cool! 


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