I’m the first to espouse the powers of the night light in helping make bedtime (and those nighttime wakings) easier. But then there’s the ones you have to remember to turn off so they don’t burn out. Oh, and the ones that are more like a spotlight than a soft dim glow. And the ones that are just plain fugly.

And then I got to thinking, maybe I’m not such a night light fan after all.

Enter Luminous Art from one of our favorite artists, Kerri Lee. These adorable pieces feature creatures who actually glow in the dark, so you get just the right amount of lumination you need to deliver that 3AM bottle, without fully waking anyone else up. And really, I can’t think of a smarter – and cuter – addition to a toddler’s room.

You know, other than sleep. Lots of it. -Kristen


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