My daughter informed me that she wants to "lose her bangs." I’m not sure if it’s because she has somehow gone from 3 to 14 overnight, or if she just wants another few Seabands to wear.

These bright, adorable cotton headbands from designer/mom Susan O’Neill are great for keeping growing bangs at bay in the forthcoming Spring breezes, but still work as a fun seasonal hair accessory as well. While I thought the classic style was a bit wide on my preschooler’s head, it certainly hasn’t stopped her from wearing them. All day. Every day. You get the picture.

Seabands come in a myriad of fabrics and sizes to fit everyone from tots to adults. And thanks to the smart thin elastic that goes under their hair, these bands actually stay on heads – sort of key for a hairband, right? -Kristen

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Congrats to Seabands winner, Alice S!