Buying the kid’s first tricycle was wrought with way more emotion than I had expected. It’s like the first time you tell your kid Go! Be free! Off on your own! Despite the fact that she’ll still need the occasional push off an uneven sidewalk square.

The Triciclino trikes from Italitrike (Italian, of course) immediately struck me as the must-have three-wheeled gift of the season. The craftsmanship is amazing and those rubber wheels keep the ride smooth and comfy for little pedalers indoors and out. Plus the styling is so gorgeous, it will distract onlookers from the teary mom in the corner of the park watching her little kid become a big one.

$149.99 at Sparkability. –Liz

CMP readers use code "cmp0408" through 4/19/08 for free domestic ground shipping on the trike.

Through 4/19, spend $150.01 for free shipping, no code needed. C’mon, there has to be ONE more thing you’re dying for at Sparkability.


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