My kids have an uncanny sense of medical timing. Exactly two minutes after the pediatrician’s office closes, one (or both) will develop a high fever, raging earache, or troublesome cough. Two minutes after that I’ll be consulting my friend Mr. Google to determine if we need to call the answering service or can wait for a morning appointment. 

So I’m thrilled to have found a reputable source of information at Founding doctors Jamie Freishtat and Rachel Schreiber bring a practical perspective to their site — they’re both moms themselves. So they understand that frantic need to help a sick kid feel better. And that "looking it up on the internet" isn’t always the best idea.

The MommyDocs certainly aren’t your average old-school doctors dispensing advice from dusty medical tomes. Their site is packed with easy-to-comprehend information (no jargon overload!) in podcasts, videos, blog posts, and FAQs on specific ailments. You can even e-mail specific medical questions to the the docs for and get online answers. While perusing their site I got some advice on questions to ask the pediatric dentist, learned how to detect croup, and decided that I need to put together a summer first aid kit. All without a single co-pay.

Not that it’s a substitute for actually seeing a doctor. Legal legal legal blah blah blah. –Nancy 

[thanks, erin] 


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