I have a soft spot for felt crafts, pun only intended a little. So of course when I discovered UK etsy shop Lupin from brilliant felt crafter Laura Howard, of course I got click happy.

The brooches are darling of course, but I really swooned over this abstract felt mobile made of 160 individually hand cut pieces of the fuzzy fabric. Well, they’re supposed to be abstract; but I see peacock features or mod olives or crazy pink eggs, sunny side up.

Each disc is two-sided, so each strand looks consistently beautiful as it dangles and sways in the spring breeze from a nearby open window.

It’s a lucky baby that gets to grow up daydreaming about these ethereal shapes. Who says that mobiles have to be figurative anyway? City kids no sooner know what a sheep or a duck is than a double helix strand. –Liz

[via indie fixx


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