I was surprised to realize, after having written up Louise Hedley and her wonderful little girls’ skirts last year, that she in fact was the designer behind one of my own favorite Spring skirts. Who knew?

Not that I’d match my daughter at all – Louise’s one-of-a-kind handcrafted Spring skirts may be light and a little twirly, but they’re definitely made for mamas. Me and my pear shape are partial to the A-line bias skirts which alternate strips of complementary fabrics into sort of a tromp l’oeuil pleat. (How’s that for pretentious fashion speak?) The other standouts are the vintage cotton skirts with subtle and sophisticated appliqué work. But with most in the $45-65 range, don’t choose – get two. With a solid tee and some Havaianas, you’ll live in them all summer long.

Just save some one for me please The pink one I had my eye on already got scooped up. Rats. –Liz


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