My daughter has reached that very important milestone in a child’s life: Adoration of temporary tattoos. And spare me the anti-hipster parent eyeroll please–I remember liking them in Cracker Jack boxes back in the day myself.

But they’ve definitely hit a new level in terms of authenticity and sheer size. Seriously, some of these tattoos are the size of my daughter’s entire arm.

Brooklyn label Andy & Bella are taking the tot temp tat trend to a new level with kids tees inspired by actual tattoo parlor designs – no cutesie flying mom hearts here. More like Asian dragons, a sailor’s eagle/anchor, or a thorny rose, Axl-style. Cooler yet, each beefy combed cotton shirt comes with its very own set of high-quality matching tattoos.

Is this the gift your mother-in-law is going to get the kids for Christmas? Not likely. Is it what you get for your kid’s rock n roll best friend for his fifth birthday? Totally. –Liz

Congrats to boy’s tee winner Ellie P and to girl’s tee winner Lindsay E!


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