I’ve been a champion of swaddling since my first baby. Transforming a wiggly little newborn into a baby burrito does wonders to settle him–and me–down. Since my new baby boy is the wiggliest of all three of my kids, I keep a swaddling blanket handy at all times.

The new Organic Solana Swaddle Wrap is easily one of my favorites. CMP has already tipped readers off to Solana’s oversized squares of sheer, breathable knit cotton which are so large and stretchy that even a swaddling novice can get it right. But now there are several styles made from 100% organic cotton – soft and light and perfectly safe next to baby skin. 

If you’re shopping for a new mom-to-be, put down the pack of mass-produced onesies or the plastic rattle, and pick up one of these blankets. Both mom and baby will be exceedingly grateful. And this is from a mom who is admittedly late jumping on the organic bandwagon. –Julie

Congratulations to Laura C, winner of an organic Solana swaddler!


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