Let’s face it, greener isn’t always easier. I think we all want to be the best eco-moms we can, but for me there was no way I was venturing into the world of cloth diapering.

My guilt has just been assuaged however with a fantastic find: Nature Babycare Diapers, spotted at the wonderful online eco-boutique, Cooler Choices. After trying them out on both my baby and my toddler I can give an honest assessment.

Pros: They’re breathable, compostable, and free of oil-based plastics, latex, chlorine and fragrance. Most importantly, they do what they’re supposed to do, all without having given either of my girls any sort of rash or other ickiness. Price-wise, amazingly, they’re comparable to Seventh Generation or Pampers: A pack of 44 size ones is $12.99.

The cons are few; if you’ve got an extra wriggly baby, the tabs can snap (which never happened to me but I did hear one story). The odor control isn’t what it could be with plastic-based diapers. And they don’t get "puffy" in the same way that Pampers do so you can’t just grab your baby’s diaper through her pants and tell if she’s wet.

But really, these things are minor relative to the big picture. Which is that they’re terrific.

Besides, it’s s so so nice seeing those little green leaves poking out the back of my kids’ pants and not Elmo’s big red head. Hallelujia. –Liz

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