“Hey cool! My mom gave me a high-fiber vegan cookie bar!”

Okay so phrases like high fiber, no refined sugar, no dairy or eggs aren’t generally an indication that kids will be excited about the resulting snacks. That’s why the newest goodies from Nana’s Cookie Company, "O”Mega-Fiber Cookie Bars, are such a treat.

Chewy, moist, sweet and delicious, these cookie bars sneak a whole bunch of good things like Omega-3’s (that’s the "O") into a relatively allergen-free vegan cookie without losing the most important thing – the “swoon” factor. And swoon we did as my family gobbled up the Chocolate Chocolate, Peanutty Peanut Butter and Vanilla Toasted Almond cookie bars in record time.

Don’t believe me? Then take it from my kids: My 7 year old with the dairy allergy gave them “600 thumbs up” and my 5 year old, “42 hundred thumbs up”. Then, my 3 year old gave them his highest compliment, "a number 8 red race car”. We have a winner. –Guest contributor Christina