No, this is not another Miley Cyrus post. But with all the mixed messages our tween girls are getting in the media, sometimes it’s nice to shower them with the idea that we love them just the way they are. (Yes, I just quoted Billy Joel. So sue me.)

Jan Thomas’ Loved Unconditionally leather bracelets are a simple way to let girls know that they rock, regardless of their size, hair color, or ability to earn $6mm a picture. Way nicer than the ubiquitous rubber wrist band, the buckle band holds a pewter plate with messages like I Am Enough or Unconditionally Loved.

When Jan expands the line, I’ve got a perfect saying that I want my daughter to shout from the rooftops: I Can Rule the World. Any one would be a step in the right direction. -Kristen

Congratulations to Jen C and Melissa O – each won a Loved Unconditionally bracelet!

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