We realize that a good book, be it for your own weary eyes or your kid’s, can be pretty hard to come by these days. So, lucky for you, we’ve rounded up all our past and present book picks into one CMP Book Club and put them all our shop page.

Whether you’re looking for a funny kid’s book that you won’t mind reading 4000 times, or a great book that you’ll actually make it through once (interruptions aside), we’ve got them all neatly categorized for your perusal and shopping pleasure.

We’ll also be rotating our faves on a weekly basis in our sidebar (psssst Make sure to click through to see sales and other cool stuff you might be missing).

Rest assured that every book has a Cool Mom Picks seal of approval, which includes but is certainly not limited to, coffee splotches, baby drool, and popsicle drippings on the pages. All signs of a great book, don’t you agree? -Kristen