Mother’s Day is hardly behind before we scramble for Father’s Day gift ideas and I’m loving the idea of personalized wines from the aptly named

Forget the foo-foo curliecue wedding style labels and go for a design that’s bold and manly, with personalization to match. Like MIKE’S JUG O’ HOOCH. Or BIG DOUG’S VERY BIG CAB on a nice Rutherford Napa for $169 a bottle. (Don’t worry, plenty of options are cheaper than that.)

You can also go sentimental by uploading your own family photo on a sparkling wine label personalized with something like Anthony’s 2008 Father’s Day Private Reserve. Then give him the time and space to enjoy it. –Liz

Click here for a list of states that allow wine delivery. There are still a few who are all nooooo, we don’t want you  getting any liquor here. Yeah you, Utah.  

[thanks stacey!] 

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