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Remember those clunky wooden shoes with the suede leather strap that were all the rage about 25 years ago? Yeah, I’m trying to forget about them too. They were our generation’s Crocs, another trend I’m happy to avoid.

I’ve found a much more fashionable option at Cape Clogs. These Swedish-made shoes feature alder wood soles and all-leather uppers in such a wide variety of cool patterns,  like dinosaurs and ladybugs, that any little girl can find one (or six) she likes. Plus, they make that wonderful clomping sound when you walk. What kid doesn’t love that? They make them for moms too, some patterns a little scarier than others – stick with the florals or the solids.

They’re not cheap, but they seem practically indestructible to me, so plan on handing them down. Once the next kid is old enough of course. Twisted toddler ankles is one more trend I’m staying away from. –Julie


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